The Akinator Web Genius

This website is a really nice tool for practicing yes or no questions with a lot of fun. Students have to think about one person and the Akinator Web Genius “guesses” their thoughts by asking yes or no questions about the person they thought. But it must be someone they can answer personal questions about. And what’s amazing about it is that it hardly ever misses.

At least I was not yet able to fool the website. It works as a huge databank constantly updated with collective information from all the people who play with it. So it only misses the guess about one single person once, because if it doesn’t get it right, it asks you who the person you thought of was, then the next time someone thinks of the same person, it already has the data. It’s what internet theories call the collective intelligence of web 2.0 platforms.

The Akinator is, as you can see, a very intereting site for teachers of English willing to use different short activities, instead of just one or two long ones, when taking students to the internet lab. And as I always say for any nice activity you might come up with, not only in the lab, but also in the classroom: keep it short. Mostly because if students enjoy the activity, it is probably something you can frequently do when you take them to the lab.


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